Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Barbershop with Uncle Sheed and Uncle Chuck in the chair...

HAHAH..that was one of the nastiest Dunks I ever saw in my life..I would never have admitted that I got dunked on LIKE THAT even if it was Dr. J. hahah...Charlie was good natured about it though..cause you KNOW WE TALKED ABOUT THAT DUNK FOR awhile..OMG..after all it was Dr.J dunking on his head.. he kept talking about his two jumpers on Doc.... your right..Charlie only stayed at Canisius two years as I recall..I used to play against him in practice..he had a nice game..6'9" could handle..sweet kid too..he got drafted by Indiana..then tore up his knee..and his career was over..Larry Fogle on the other hand was a jerk..we had a few tete a tetes in practice..I used to D him up and he didn't like it..boy could shoot it though... Chuck, I do remember that Canisius team. Charley Jordan only stuck around for a year, then he turned pro. Larry Fogle did lead the nation in scoring in '74 I think, hit for around 33 a game as I recall. That squad got Canisius into a lot of trouble, with NCAA violations, allegations of improper payments, etc. That sent Canisius basketball into a prolonged slide.

So you was scrimmaging with the Doctor! Did you get the assist on the play? You should have had Doc dunking on YOU, it would have been a better story. I been dunked on by a lot of guys, but I ain't never been flushed by Dr. J!

On Jun 10, 2008, at 6:16 PM, Chuck wrote:

Cousin Sheed.. I got a Dr.J story for ya'll..after Grad H.S. getting Married that summer of 72.. needless to say that was quite a year..I took my new bride Lil and went out to the Univ. of Washington to play ball..another story for another time..anywhoo that summer I was back in Buffalo and Canisius had a summer basketball camp that I was attending..the top HS and College players were all there..ballin all day during camp we were all sitting on the bleachers for the obligatory stay in school get your education pep talk form Coaches and guest speakers..then I think John McCarthy was head coach at the time at Canisius and he stopped the conversation to announce a special guest who was going to speak to the camp that day..about that time the far gym door swung open.. and Dr. J came striding into the Gym..had on the flyest warm up suit..High top Cons with the Star on them Converse Bag..we lost our minds!!..We all just descended on him about 35 players was crazy.

After a brief pep talk by the Dr. he was dying to scrimmage a little bit..most of the Canisius ballers were they pretty much were one team and then we had another team I ended upon the squad with Dr.J and we started a scrimmage against the Canisius squad Kenny Key from D.C. Charlie Jordan from Indiana.. Larry Fogle leading scorer in the nation that next year I think..any way.. Charlie Jordan who was 6'9" and had mad skills was playing Dr. J...all fired up to play against him..came down on the fist possession shot a 20 ft J from the ya..came back down on D Doc. hadn't really gotten warm so he passed the ball.. I was kinda nervous.. so I was swinging the rock back to Doc..came back down again Charlie was calling for the ball.. this time he hit a turn around J from the corner Doc's he was really feeling. this time I guess word had got around the neighborhood that Dr. J was at the gym because I looked up and the gym was packed there had to at least another 50 tp 75 people in the gym going crazy.. any way on this possession Doc was bringing the ball up on the left side of the court..just as he got to the left of the three point circle..he went behind his back..from his left hand.. Charlie was right with him..but after he went behind his back.. when he was just a little past the foul line he took off..Charlie was right there.. but then it went into slow motion..because Doc kept going up and Charlie was with him.. but then Charlie started to come down in SLOW MOTION CAUSE DOC KEPT GOING UP... THE BALL IN HIS BIG RIGHT HAND.. AND HE THREW IT DOWN ON CHARLIE JORDANS HEAD BECAUSE HE WAS SOO HIGH AND THE DUNK WAS SOO NASTY..THE GYM ERUPTED... THE SCRIMMAGE WAS OVER.. THEY MOBBED THE COURT.. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A MORE INCREDIBLE DUNK IN MY LIFE..I THINK I FELL DOWN JUST WATCHING IT HAPPEN..IT WAS CRAZY.. i WILL NEVER FORGET THAT IN MY LIFE..BY THE WAY Dr. J was a cool cat EDUCATED DOWN TO EARTH...UMASS..RUCKER..SQUIRES.. of my favorite players of all time..

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